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Math Program

If a student falls behind in math skills, it can result in academic failure. Math skills build from one level to another, which is why it is important to build a strong foundation from the start. 

Ace Academy's Math tutoring programs ensure that students gain a solid understanding of underlying math concepts through hands-on learning activities. These activities provide a firm, memorable foundation for more abstract, symbolic operations. Our nationally acclaimed curriculum uses manipulatives to introduce every objective.  Our Math curriculum correlates to the the state standards that are taught in your child’s classroom, allowing them to perform better in school.  

Our tutors will accurately assess each student and develop an individualized lesson plan that will meet their needs. Continuous progress monitoring is a core feature of the assessment process.  ACE Learning Center’s Math programs meet guidelines for Response to Intervention (RTI), which is to help prevent academic failure. We will gladly work on skills in lessons designed for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. We can assist with homework as well!



When a student lacks reading skills, he or she suffers in all academic subjects.

At Ace Academy we are dedicated to help students become fluent, independent readers. We employ a professional learning and research based curricula for all ages. This multisensory, structured curriculum is proven to be highly effective. Our tutors will work with your child to attain reading success. Ace Academy’s  evaluation process identifies a student’s weak skills. Instructors then develop an individualized program that builds these skills before progressing to the next skill level.  We use letter boards, sentence strips, magnetic tiles and various other learning toys to make reading fun and interesting.

Our reading programs work on all reading skills in lessons designed for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.


Science - Chemistry, Physics and Biology Tutoring Program

Tutoring to Enhance Science Skills involves helping students master science concepts they are struggling to understand, or targeting specific skills to develop such as observing, predicting, classifying, experimenting, organizing data, or graphing. 

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