"I’m so grateful that god answered my prayer and brought Ace Learning Academy into Jonesboro. I’m so glad and thankful that Ace Learning Academy feels and cares for the pain and stress experienced by parents and students. 

When my son started tutoring at Ace Learning Academy, his reading level was poor and now he has come a long way. To start with, his grades in school were D average that has now significantly improved to grade Bs. 

I’m so glad and proud of my son and very excited about his future. I’m so pleased with the high quality tutoring he is received/receiving at Ace Learning Academy that I have enrolled my younger son in their tutoring program as well. I appreciate the tutors taking their time and patience with my kids without rushing them in any manner. The tutors make sure your child understands the subject before they leave. 

Ace Learning Academy has a heart and soul with great staff and lovely teachers who care."  

Amentis J (parent), Jonesboro, AR